Handmade Water Hyacinth Baskets


These beautiful handmade water hyacinth baskets can be used for storage of your pillows, blankets, toys, shoes etc. Or use the baskets for your larger green plants.


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These handmade water hyacinth baskets have a nice warm look and are incredible beautiful to use in your interior decoration.


Ideal for so many purposes in your home. The combination of the hand weaving technique and the strong quality will guarantee you strong and stable baskets.


Contemporary Scandinavian design from Lubech Living. Lubech Living specialise in contemporary timeless and elegant designs and products that are all handmade, developed from recycled materials and part of a sustainable production.


Materials: Handmade from Water Hyacinth


Sizes Available:

Small – Diameter 26cm / Height 28cm

Medium – Diameter 34cm / Height 33cm

Large – Diameter 42cm / Height 38cm

Additional Information

Small, Medium, Large