Kitchen & Dining - The Wave Collection - Ivy Brown Lifestyle
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Kitchen & Dining

Our Kitchen & Dining Collection is full of practical yet stylish pieces that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Choose from our range of products or create your own combination from our Wave Collection.

Wave Egg Cups - Black
Wave Egg Cups - White
Wooden Spoon
Wave Salt & Pepper Bowl
Wave Stack Bowl
Pen Holder - Light Brown
Wave Pen Holder
Wave Pen Holder
Scourer & Sponge
Bean Tray Medium
Natural Mango Wooden Board
Glass Smoothie Cup
Small Wooden Serving Tray
Round Woven Placemat
Bean Tray Small
Rectangle Wooden Tray
Felt Table Mat & Coaster
Salad Servers Pine Needle
Pine Needle Cake Slice
Salad Servers Pine Needle
Carafe With Two Cups - Dark Grey
Natural Linen Tea Towel
Charcoal Linen Tea Towel
Dark Stripe Linen Tea Towel
Natural Linen Napkins
Charcoal Linen Napkins
Espresso Cups - Dark Grey
Handmade Ceramic Mug - Cream
Handmade Ceramic Mug - Mountains
Ceramic Beaker
Ceramic Pasta Bowl
Ceramic Bowl
Ceramic Plate
Carafe With Two Cups - White
SOLD OUT Espresso Cups - White
Wave Tile Small - Black Mix
Wave Tile Small - White Mix
Wave Tile Small - Caramel
Wave Tile Small - Black
Wave Tile Medium